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The Levine Firm lawyers advise clients in many different types of business law matters. Our law firm writes and reviews contracts, reviews and documents transactions, and serves as general counsel to clients throughout California. Much of this work involves advice designed to inform the client of potential legal risks and ways to avoid or minimize those risks. When a contract or business dispute does arise, our lawyers look at ways to resolve the problem at a minimal cost through negotiation or mediation.

Sometimes, however, a matter is so important and the dispute so serious, that it requires litigation to defend the clients' rights and interests. In situations like these, our lawyers aggressively protect our clients' rights and interests by the vigorous pursuit or defense of commercial litigation.

Los Angeles Business Attorney

We have extensive experience in analyzing, developing and conducting litigation for both plaintiff and defense clients. Our work is characterized by strong legal research and case analysis, careful document preparation, and a dynamic presentation of the client's case in the courtroom. From the start of the case through the end, we zealously work to protect our clients and achive the results they desire.

The Levine Firm conducts the following types of business law and commercial litigation:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • UCC disputes
  • Business law torts
  • Real estate disputes
  • Partnership disputes
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