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Eric David Levine, Attorney at Law

Since his admission to the State Bar of California, Mr. Levine has made a name for himself in the legal field. Mr. Levine accomplished his reputation for innovation and creativity by taking cases that other lawyers feared to engage. His maverick approach has served him well as he has shown numerous defendants that he has the will and the skill to overcome difficulties and obstacles that every case is fraught with. He has handled cases involving the corporate giants such as the Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, Xerox Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Quest Diagnostics, and Ford Motors to name just a few. What inspires Mr. Levine is the never-ending battle of the Big Guy versus the Little Guy. Mr. Levine is dismayed by the vast insurance company powers of this state and country, which seek to take advantage of people by denying benefits and coverage. Mr. Levine has also made it his goal to remedy the injustice stemming from employers unfairly discriminating against their employees. It is with this mindset that he founded this law firm. Mr. Levine remains committed to helping the people of California level the playing field by offering superior legal services at reasonable rates for individuals or organizations.

Olesia Boulaev, Attorney at Law

Ms. Boulaev chose the practice of law for no other reason than to help people. Regardless of the area of law, Ms. Boulaev believes in the importance of listening to her client's needs and then figuring out a time- and cost-efficient approach to fulfill those needs. She believes in her cases and her clients and advocates vigorously on their behalf. In addition to being licensed with the State Bar of California, Ms. Boulaev holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, which greatly assists her in understanding individuals that come to her for advice with family law issues. Ms. Boulaev's experience with business litigation allows her to advise clients to structure their transactions with an eye on avoiding potential problems. Ms. Boulaev's prior experience of working for a high-tech company allowed her to develop an appreciation for science and enables her to advise clients on business law issues. Ms. Boulaev has also co-authored an article in the October 2006 issue of Silicon India entitled "Doing Business in the New Emerging Power-India." Regardless of the area of law, however, Ms. Boulaev believes that a relationship of trust and confidence with her clients undoubtedly leads to success.