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About Our Firm

At The Levine Firm in Los Angeles, California, we are committed to providing a superior level of personal service to our clients. Our philosophy includes:

WORK QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. Our rewards come from the quality of our advocacy skills and the quality of personalized client services provided. Our substantial experience allows us to provide sophisticated legal advice and fully understand our clients’ needs and expectations. We endeavor to staff each matter in a legally effective, yet cost-efficient manner, always keeping in mind the specific objective of a particular case. Our goal is to provide clients with the best possible legal talent and the best possible results, based on consideration of legal merits, practicality and costs.

TAKING CASES TO TRIAL. We possess hands-on experience handling trials, appeals, administrative hearings, arbitrations and other forms of dispute resolution. We are frequently retained specifically for our courtroom skills and our ability to send the message to the opposing side that the client is fully prepared to take the matter to trial, if necessary.

COST CONTROL. We understand that top legal services have become very expensive and that clients of all backgrounds are striving to control legal costs. In response, we manage litigation matters and business transactions with maximum efficiency and common sense. We only send essential personnel to depositions, court appearances and business meetings. We maximize electronic research facilities, paralegal personnel, video conferencing and other techniques in order to help clients control costs without compromising quality of the case outcome.

AVAILABILITY & PERSONAL SERVICE. We are always on-call to address your legal needs. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we afford our clients, with a friendly and responsive staff. We are able to offer the highest standard of personalized services in a most cost-effective manner.